Our Evangelism


The Rock church of Christ is privileged to be able to support the work of evangelism. In addition to supporting our own evangelist, we also share in the work of two men who take multiple trips into foreign fields. We are also regularly committed to sharing in the work of multiple men both domestically and internationally in South America, Africa, & Asia.  The Rock church of Christ recognizes the importance in evangelism in this world today, and is blessed to be able to do its part to share in the work.


Our Evangelist


Caleb Wray moved to work with our congregation in January of 2018. Caleb is from a small West Tennessee town, Humboldt. He began fill-in preaching in the summer of 2013. Since that time, he has filled in regularly for various congregations in West & Middle Tennessee, as well as participated in multi-speaker VBS and special lesson series. Caleb previously worked as a Library IT Specialist for the State of Tennessee while preaching every weekend for various congregations. He currently owns and operates Charlotte Tax & Accounting in Charlotte, TN. He also works with the Young Men’s Leadership Camp* in Belgreen, AL. Read a message from him:


Thank you for taking a moment to stop by the Rock church of Christ website. We hope the materials found on this website will help you to grow in the sight of God. We are a simple congregation that does not try to be anything more than what God designed us to be. Here, you’ll find a group of people who truly love one another and help each other along life’s way. Our group loves to be with each other outside of services, and we strive to have opportunities to be together, as Christians should be. Our worship services are simply what is authorized in the Bible. Our Bible Classes and preaching are God-centered teaching the truth and nothing more. If you are in the Dickson County area and want to study the Bible, we are more than happy to study with you anytime. Come & be with us for one of our services, and see for yourselves! If you are outside of the area and would like to study the Bible, we offer correspondence courses through mail or e-mail, just use the contact us form to send us your information.


Visiting in the area? Camping at Montgomery Bell State Park? Come and join us for our worship services! We hope you find us to be the warm, welcoming group we strive to be. We hope you’ll stick around a moment and let us get to know you a little and build a small connection! Come and be with us anytime. If there’s anything I can do to help someone along the way, that’s my work. An evangelist not only preaches and teaches the word to the lost, but he also supports, edifies, and encourages the group that all might reach heaven in the end. We hope to see you soon!


In Him,

Caleb M. Wray

Evangelist for the Rock church of Christ.


*These works are maintained by individuals, and are not works of the church.